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Tis the season to be . . .

On December 19, 2013, in emotions, Friendship, Gratitude, grief, manifesting, prayer, self confidence, by MargaretAnnLembo

During the ‘season’ we find ourselves in the time of hustle and bustle. We have many parties to go to (or not), a lot of presents to buy, a lot of food to donate and eat, and still find a way to have enough money to do all of that.

There is a lot of pressure to squeeze a lot of money out of our pockets at this time. Christmas ballsSome of us do not have presents to buy or to receive. Some do not feel the hustle and bustle in a joyful way. Often, there are many who secretly or not so secretly dread the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Somehow, this season causes an extraordinary amount of stress and depression. Nostalgia of times gone by or sadness due to sad memories can add to the depression, sadness and loneliness. Keep this in mind as friends and family act or react in a way that is less than pleasant. Try not to take it personally. Instead send them love and prayers.

The Winter Holidays are a time when we are ‘supposed’ to be happy and have fun! Actually, we always deserve to be happy and have fun.  How can we make this a time of joy, peace and love? Joy, peace and love are our Divine Birthright.

We have a choice in how to create our lives regardless of the season.  Even when you are feeling sad and embraced the sorrow, try to make the choice to shake it off and find joy. Think of your favorite things. Contemplate all the ways you are blessed. When we do, then we create a happier vibration for ourselves and those around us. At a time when there are so many delectable treats, it is important to balance our intake with healthy foods.  When our bodies receive the right nutrients in our food and vitamins we are able to maintain better balance. Exercise and sunshine are key factors as well as playing with friends.  Laughter and play can change our attitude and emotions in the blink of an eye.

There are times, regardless of the season, that we feel all alone.  Here is our reminder: we are never alone!  God is always with us.  Our Guardian Angel is always by our side from the moment we are born onto this planet.  It only takes a little faith to connect with the God within and our Spiritual Guide.

And, it only takes a little action to reach out, pick up the phone and call our friends or family members to make plans to have fun.

Now is the time to make happy memories.  Go into your memory banks and recall a family holiday tradition that you miss and recreate that in your life. In the hustle and bustle of busy holiday days, remember to take the time to nurture yourself even if you have to make an appointment with yourself. Schedule the time to rest, rejuvenate and relax. Create a sacred space using candles, incense, crystals, aromatherapy, flowers or whatever makes you happy and then stop and enjoy it.

And if you get a little twinge of loneliness wishing that you had someone to share it with, just remember and silently acknowledge your Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide. Your Guardian Angel is with you, by your side, looking over your shoulder and seeing all the beauty that you have created.  Your Guardian Angel sees the Peace, Joy and Love that you carry within.  When you need the extra help from the angelic realm all you need to do is think the thought or say it aloud and the help will magically manifest.

Open your heart, mind and spirit to all the Love that is and that YOU ARE!

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