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Extreme Clarity: Clear Quartz

On May 22, 2013, in Colors, Crystals, Gem Spot, manifesting, self-observation, by MargaretAnnLembo

There are those days when everything becomes crystal clear. Can you achieve clarity because you hold this rock or that stone? Do rocks in your pockets resolve your life challenges? Nope – you won’t hear me, the author of multiple books on gemstones, tell you that holding a rock is going to resolve all life’s issues.

I will say, though, that you can make it your intention to gain clarity, understanding and a greater perspective to laser in on how to achieve your goals and intentions through the use of a crystal, a mineral or a rock. It is not the gemstone that brings on the clarity. It is your intention. Use clear quartz, for example, to see a situation clearly. Keep a cluster or a large generator point on your desk. Set an intention that every time you catch a glimpse of the stone, mindfully or unconsciously, it will trigger a part of your consciousness so it remembers that you are gaining clarity in your life and various life challenges.

Clear quartz reflects the full spectrum of light. In essence, it has all the colors of the rainbow and is known for its ability to help one tune into various frequencies and vibrations. Yes . . . perhaps that sounds a bit wild, but even our first radios contained clear quartz crystal to assure that the radio would tune in to the channel and pick up the transmission clearly. Translate that into seeing yourself as a radio that transmits and receives transmissions. Use your clear quartz to assure that you are receiving clear messages and be mindful of your thoughts because those thoughts are broadcasts.


Whether it is on your desk, in your pocket, on your dashboard in your car, or next to your computer   . . . set your intention for why you have that clear quartz crystal as your gemstone guardian and watch your life transform. And, will you wonder? Is it you or the rock? It is you that creates your reality. Let the tool of the crystal help you relax into your ability to align with higher consciousness and know what you need to know!

Margaret Ann Lembo is an author, speaker, wholesale and retail business owner of The Crystal Garden, and a spiritual teacher at her own Center that offers  events each month. She is getting ready to relaunch her own radio show.  Whether it is through the knowledge imparted in her book, or through her line of products, she can help bring balance to anyone’s daily life. For more than twenty years she has led workshops and classes around the country, and her audio CD’s are distributed internationally. For more information, visit her informative websites at: www.margaretannlembo.com and www.thecrystalgarden.com.

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Some of you know that I love to interact on Facebook. I like it for personal fun, mindless activity, mindful contemplation, promotion and publicity. And, of course, I like it to stay connected with friends and fans I’ve met on my Book Tours and throughout my life.

One of the most inspiring things about Facebook is the quotes. Those quotes that are in graphic formats are so thought provoking and fabulous reminders that we use to help ourselves and our “friends” on Facebook.

 Today, this quote appeared in my news feed.

 Don't let anyone dull your sparkel

It is a perfect for me and my life because I’m a go-getter. I get an idea and I create it and make it happen . . . especially if I feel it could help someone else on the planet. It’s part of my nature to give love, share what I’ve learned and in the process I have created my various businesses. I like to live life in a large and in a happy way. I like to encourage and share my ability to manifest with others who have similar talents.

Along the way over the years, there are people who are angered or personally challenged by my vivacious activity of not only shining my light but sharing my light. Even in those situations where I have opened the door to invite a good friend or colleague on the “Margaret Ann train” to success, some have chosen to pass on the entrance . . . which is never a problem. The challenge comes when they become jealous or they realize they sort of want to participate but they ultimately don’t want to work that hard or give up their personal time.  Sometimes, it is for other reasons that are buried deep within their consciousness. The only part that saddens me is when they make the decision to not participate into a controversy instead of just gracefully bowing out or acting like a true friend/adult and communicate in a healthy way.

Whenever this happens, I pray for their happiness and I turn to Marianne Williamson’s quote from her book, A Return to Love.

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

May you also be inspired by this so you can shine on!!

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Now that spring has sprung it is time to clear out the energy and dust of winter. Why not use the aromatic gifts of essential oils to spruce up your environment? In fact, you can use spruce in your synergistic formula to clean your floors, counters, and the stale energy in your home.

Cleaning and clearing out the old is useful on many levels. Physically a clean environment is always welcome. With a bit of intention and the organic constituents of essential oils, you can also clear your home of mental, emotional, and spiritual debris.

Key Points to Get You Started

  • Essential Oils are concentrated with hundreds of organic constituents including hormones and vitamins
  • Not all essential oils are created equally. Pure grade also known as medical grade oils are pure. They do not contain any synthetic or adulterations. Aromatherapy Grade are adulterated with non-natural components. Commercial Grade are distilled or have components added or removed
  • A synergy is the term used for the blending of oils which is a recipe or a formula with a specific intention.
  • Just because something has the word aromatherapy does not mean that it is made with Pure Grade oils.

Replacement Recipes

Blending essential oils with a specific intention and outcome is a bit like cooking. The chemical components of real medical grade oils promise to cleanse, purify, disinfect as well as uplift, bring joy, and mental clarity – depending on the blend of oils you choose, of course.

It’s Time to Have Fun!

Blending essential oils can be fun and make your environments smell and feel good as you accomplish cleaning your space and your body!

To freshen the air place 3 – 7 drops of lavender and lemon into a tea light diffusers, a stove top pot of water, your humidifier or dehumidifier, or electric diffuser.

I’ve personally have created a whole line of sprays and mists for body, mind and spirit and you can, too. My first blend was created to relieve symptoms of a respiratory challenge that LavenderWeblingered on and then I created one for PMS and menopause. Once I realized how effective essential oils are on all levels, I continued to blend and make fabulous concoctions. It became such a passion and became a big part of my career.

I encourage you to make your own blends. Using a 2 oz spray bottle, fill it with water leaving a bit of room on the top for 3 ml of your special blend.  Here are ideas for you to combine in your special mist:

  • Stress relief – Clary sage (1), lavender (2), and spikenard (.25).
  • Sleepy time – Chamomile (1) , eucalyptus (3) , and lavender (1).
  • Allergy and cold symptom relief – eucalyptus (2), lemon (1), and ravensara (2).
  • Negative energy dissipater –  Cedar (.50), sage (3) and spruce (.50).

Note: the numbers in parenthesis give you an idea of proportions to use.Lavender-buds

Create your own kitchen or bath cleanser to add to the water for the floors, counters and pesky insects.

  • Floors – lavender, lemon, orange, pine and spruce.
  • Kitchen Counters – lemon, lavender, orange, peppermint.
  • Insect Repellent – eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender

Treat yourself to a delicious blend for your self-care. Body Lotion can easily be created by adding drops of your favorite essential oils to unscented lotion. Avoid lotions with mineral oil or paraffin waxes. Avoid citrus oils as they cause a phototoxic experience when exposed to sunlight. Place some drops of essential oils into your tub just before you step into your bath.

Do Your Research

I recommend that you always take the time to look up the indications and contraindications of all essential oils before you use them. Some essential oils lower your blood pressure or raise it. Some will cause drowsiness. Some are not to be used on children or pregnant mothers.

Enjoy, tinker, and experiment with these delights from nature. I love hearing your stories so tell me how it goes and what works for you. Plants, barks, roots, and flowers have delicious gifts to treat us on all levels. Use essential oils and take note of how your life, your home, and your overall experience here on the earth transforms into a much happier reality!

Bio: Margaret Ann Lembo is the award winning author of Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Thought; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Color Your Life with Crystals, and the Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards. She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden—a book store, gift store, and spiritual center. www.MargaretAnnLembo.com







“The purple vibration has powerful transformative qualities. To use this vibration in changing unwanted situations, imagine yourself surrounded by a vibrating, glowing bubble of violet light emanating from the stone. As you imagine this, know that all that you are upset about or challenged by is currently being transformed and transmuted into something powerful. Imagine the situation changing to what you do want versus how it currently is. The vibration of your imagination of how you want your life to be combined with the violet light will effectuate change.”

Excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones

charoite group-signed


Using the color purple in gemstones, clothing, or object d’art offer you aid when you are trying to keep your mind focused on the situations you are in the process of transforming. Purple stones like amethyst, charoite and sugilite are great to use in jewelry or as a “no worries” stone. (I prefer to change the worry stone concept to a no worries thought!)

sugilite signed

Amethyst helps with dreaming good dreams and preventing nightmares. It is good to help you feel safe as you fall asleep at night.

Amethyst is also good to help you with your imagination. Your imagination is a very good thing. Use it to create reality and dream big! Whatever you focus on, ardently desire and work diligently toward will happen.

amethyst tumbled signed

Amethyst Affirmation: I see, sense, feel and know life is magical. I dream pleasant dreams. I release all habits no longer for my highest good. I have a great connection with my spirit guides and angels. I am very intuitive and I trust my feelings.”

Excerpt from Color Your Life with Crystals! Your First Guide to Color, Crystals and Chakras.

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown


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We are all responsible for our great Mother Earth. We are each individually responsible and accountable for how we treat the planet. From the simply reduction of waste to the easy ability to compost, there are many methods for making sure that we leave the planet a better place than when we arrived here. Take a moment to observe your own actions or lack of action regarding recycling and reusing.

There are gemstones that can help us be mindful of our personal responsibility for Mother Earth. Here are two excerpts from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones.

Brown-agate signed

 “Brown agate is a perfect stone for connecting with the elemental spirits, devic forces, and the fairy kingdom. The plant and other earth spirits are aligned with this stone. With it, you can tap into the wisdom of the earth stewards. This stone opens up the “trap doors” on the soles of your feet, grounding you so that you can communicate with the nature spirits.”

quartz, chlorite -signed

“Chlorite phantom quartz holds the vibration of nature. Just as you would use chlorophyll-rich green drinks and foods to cleanse and detoxify your body, the same is true with cleansing your aura or energy field by using this stone. The spiritual wisdom of the plant kingdom and the devic forces of the plants can be accessed by working with this quartz. It opens a doorway so you can meet and greet the world of fairies, gnomes, and elves.”

Here are some good thoughts for you to think about to help you with being mindful of personal responsibility for the care of the Great Mother Earth.

GemSpot Affirmation: I am a steward of the Earth, gratefully serving Mother Nature with my actions. It is easy for me to “think green.” I reduce the amount of waste produced in my household. I reuse and recycle everything that I can, and I make an effort to leave a place in better condition than before I’d arrived.

The Color of Prayer

On April 16, 2013, in Angels, Color, prayer, by MargaretAnnLembo

How do we color prayer? Is there just one color that is the best to use while praying? What gemstones work for talking with the Divine? What color will get the job done when calling out for intercession and assistance?

There is not one way, not one gem, not one color and not just one prayer that can get the attention of the Divine. There are many ways to send love and well-being for all the access. All colors, all prayers and all forms of requests are acceptable, heard and perfect. In fact, prayer is often more about lending our personal love and energy to the challenging situation at hand.hand with small prayer beads

Regardless of whether you use rosary beads or mala beads, regardless of whether you say a Hail Mary or chant a mantra – just pray. Focus on the positive outcome and sending good vibes and love to those in need. Send your energy and love – send it strong and clear to support those who suffer and those who support those who suffer. Send the love and prayers in beams and rays of goodness to those who facilitate healing on all levels (first responders, nurses, doctors, counselors) – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Pull out some crayons or colored pens/pencils and draw your prayers to help you focus.
  • Grab your prayer beads to guide your concentration to the matter at hand.
  • Take out your crystals and gemstones and say a prayer with each stone as you place the stones in a design or on a special altar or window sill.
  • Light some candles
  • Place a few drops of lavender or Euphoria on yourself to inhale as you calm your breath and focus on love.

While there is not just a few stones that help you maintain focus while you pray, here are just a few stones to get you going!

Amethyst Druzy – Draw on the energy of spirit quartz in meditation practice as well as to align yourself with the Ascended Masters and other teachers of the higher realm.


Angelite- Call on the angels to help you with your emotional upsets. If you feel the need to cry or if you are experiencing internal emotional angst, touch this stone and gaze at the calming blue color while you form the thought or prayers asking your angels to help you.

Apache Tears – an affirmation: I completely embrace the depth of my feelings and allow them to come to the surface so that I may express them. I know that any intense feelings of anger, sorrow, and grief will pass as I release them from my body. I open myself up to the healing energy of the love and prayers that people are sending to me.

Copper - The historic nature of this metal combined with its colorful variations when exposed to the elements and its thermal and electrical conductive qualities increases you ability to tap into the cosmos to garner wisdom, knowledge, and surprising information that can be applied to your spiritual practice of meditation, prayer, and contemplation.


Dogtooth Calcite – Use dogtooth calcite to improve your faith and confidence in spiritual pursuits. It aids in believing in the power of prayer.

Ruby in zoisite – Your heartfelt love reaches all the corners of the earth. Use this stone to send healing vibrations to areas where the people and the earth have experienced suffering or disaster. With this stone in hand, amplify your loving prayers and focused intentions to contribute to world peace.

There are so many more stones that can help you focus on sending love and well-being. Choose the stone that is perfect for you and pray!!

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Turquoise featherColor interacts with us daily. Perhaps we take it for granted assuming that of course our world is filled with color. The refraction of light offering the various colors of the rainbow is part of the life giving force. The human energy system is a living rainbow. Each energy center interacts and shifts based on where our focus is directed and how connected we are to truth and integrity.

To get to know yourself better, the living rainbow part of you, I offer you turquoise.  On a very basic level, turquoise helps you feel comfortable when you speak. With the right amount of turquoise in your field, you always have the right words to say and it is easy to stay focused on what other people are saying and what they are talking about. You listen and you hear.

Turquoise - stonesTurquoise, as a stone or a color, has the frequency of inspiration. It’s easy to allow Divine inspiration, insights and wisdom to travel into your consciousness of a ray of turquoise. Especially when you visualize or intend to receive inspiration using this form of imagery, it allows you to “talk with Spirit” to help you with your life. Spirit, as I refer to it here, is the God/Goddess/Creator Universal Life Force available to all of us. Turquoise is a throat chakra stone.

The gemstone turquoise has been well-respected by Native American tribes in the USA. It is found in their jewelry. Some say the color represents the connection to Great Spirit. It is often combined with red coral, a complimentary color vibration, to remind the wearer of their connection the Mother Earth beneath their feet.Turquoise-glass

Take note of what kind of day you have when you wear turquoise colored clothing or your turquoise jewelry.  Try using a turquoise colored glass or mug to drink from with the intention to increase your ability to connect with Spirit. Make it your intention to be a channel of the Divine. Throughout the day be mindful of how you feel, how the day Is progressing, and how your interactions with others flows.

Dress with consciousness and match your color and gemstone choices with a GemSpot Affirmation like this:

I am open to receive inspiration. I express myself with ease and grace. I listen well. Inspiration flows through me and my creativity is sparked.

My THINGS TO DO LIST is long and varied. I would venture a guess that yours is long, too.

This post today is dedicated to accomplishing all that needs to be done with ease and grace. One of the many things I have on my THINGS TO DO LIST is to write blog posts on a regular basis, you know . . . more consistently and regularly. So I made myself an affirmation and attached it to a gemstone to help me maintain my focus in a fun and ROCK STAR kind of way. I call these sparkling inspirational treasures GEMSPOT AFFIRMATIONS.

GemSpot for taking action with Mookite Jasper

GemSpot for taking action with Mookite Jasper

You can do this for yourself. Choose a stone for the day and decide an intention to pair with it so that every time you look at it on your desk or dashboard, think of it in your heart or mind’s eye, or feel it in your pocket or in a piece of gemstone jewelry  . . . you will automatically remember the intention associated with that gemstone. This activates the part of you that wants to remember where you want to keep your attention. Keep your attention on your positive thoughts and watch how wonderful and easy your life becomes.

Now, being the realist. I must mention that human nature still will and does exist. So, life challenges may still arise. Yet with a bit of focus and good thoughts on a regular basis you can easily turn around a challenge into a blessing in a short period of time.

Today was the first of many events surrounding my Young Readers book, Color Your Life with Crystals!

Children came. Parents enjoyed. Stones were chosen from this group below and I told them why they were attracted to that particular stone today.


Then the children started to read out loud to me and to each other.

Children reading with Margaret-2013

Children reading-3-2013 300x400

Watch this short video of this 7 year old reading the positive affirmation for Orange Calcite.

The children really enjoyed picking stones, learning how to choose the color of their clothes for the day and how to match it all with a positive thought to help them with their life.


calcite,blue-gemspot copy

Communication doesn’t come easy to all people. It may look like people are expressing and sharing their thoughts and feelings. But in actuality, many people swallow their words and keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves.

And then there are those of us who say everything without any filters.

Pastel blue clothes and gemstones can help realign the tact of how to express oneself with ease and grace.

Blue calcite can help you change the way you express yourself.  Pastel blue stones like blue calcite helps you remember that communication is much more than speaking. It is listening, hearing and a gamut of other forms of communication. All of them are associated with the throat chakra.

“Pastel blue helps you

  • communicate – talk comfortably with parents, teachers, friends.
  • create – come up with new ideas, write stories and do art work.
  • be in the right place at the right time.
  • listen and hear well.
  • connect with spirit guides and angels to receive their messages and guidance.
  • develop intuition  through the senses of hearing, smell and taste.
  • be truthful and honest.”

——–Excerpt from Color Your Life with Crystals!

Use a GemSpot Affirmation to help you stay focused.

I express myself with ease, grace and fairness.



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