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Margaret Ann is the owner of The Crystal Garden, a bookstore, gift store and spiritual center located in Boynton Beach, FL founded in August 1988. She is the author of best selling books on positive thought that provide you with the tools you need to create and transform your reality.

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Over the past three decades I have been helping people like you recover their joy, happiness, and financial freedom.

Do you feel stuck? Are you experience undefinable fears that block you from moving forward? Do you find it hard to stay focused? Do you feel out-of-control and overly affected by other people's words and actions?

I’ve been facilitating workshops, classes, weddings, lectures and private sessions for more than 28 years in a variety of venues around the country.

You can achieve anything that your heart desires. Join me online or in person. You can attend workshops online. Click here to sign up for the AcademyoftheSpiritualArts.com or here for Crystal Courses.

Are you ready to release old patterns? Do you notice that you keep having the same relationship issues over and over again? Are your ‘buttons’ easily pushed by friends, family or co-workers? Join me for a private sessions to transform these challenges. Click here.

It is always my intention that Divine Love provides the guidance and inspiration. This creates a safe, loving environment for the energy of spirit to guide the process, whether it is a private session or a large workshop.

I have a tendency to make you laugh, whether it is in an event or a private session. I like to charm my audiences with my enthusiasm, grace, authenticity and depth of knowledge.

I have published spoken audio CDs, six guided meditations and a positive affirmation CD are distributed nationally and sold at Whole Foods in Florida, as well. To learn more about Margaret Ann's CDs click here.

Margaret Ann is also the creator of a full line of aromatic sprays and mists, including Visionary Award Winning Smudge in Spray.

She also has a wholesale division of The Crystal Garden. If you are a retailer or distributor, click here.


The Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards are just for you to help bring you happiness, health, abundance, and good relationships.

Award winning Author of Chakra Awakening now in 6 languages!Chakra_Awakening_200x299

Chakra Awakening won the Visionary Award 2012 Best Book  in Alternative Health and Healing and ForeWord Reviews 2012 Bronze Medal Award in Body, Mind and Spirit and About.com Readers Choice Award 2012

Margaret Ann authors books to support you in creating the life you want. The power of positive thinking combined with stunning gemstones and scent-sational aromatherapy transforms your reality.
TheEssentialGuideToCrystalsMineralsandStones The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones (Llewellyn Worldwide. April 2013)“Margaret Ann Lembo’s Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones proves to be a must have guide for anyone who even enjoys picking up rocks. Her straight from the hip approach is matched by her passion, love and knowledge of each and every geode, multifaceted crystal and everything in between. Her organized and detailed approach is why we all loved “Chakra Awakening” and this equally gleams like a polished rock to be carried for good luck!”
—Joan Ranquet, author of Communication with All Life
Color Your Life with Crystals! A Young Person's Guide to Crystals, Color, and Chakras (Findhorn Press. April 2013)

Color your Life_v5-COVER


Coming in August 2015 To preorder click here.
Chakra Balance Crystal Alignment Cover 2nd draft-Findhorn Press

Margaret Ann is the past President (served 4 years) and the past Vice President (1 yr) and 7 years on the Board of the Coalition of Visionary Resources. COVR is an national trade organization formed by a unique group of businesses that deal in “Visionary Resources”, and who work with and support each other as independent retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and publishers of visionary books, music, and merchandise. Visionary Resources are products and services that help the world become a better place. They include a wide variety of spiritually uplifting products and services that in some way nourish or celebrate the human spirit.


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